Well I was just a little tiny baby…….ok, maybe a bit too far back…

Our history is pretty straight forward. We were MiKell Software Solutions from 1986 up until 2003. That is when our technology company incorporated into Blue Creek Technology, Inc. As MiKell Software Solutions, our main focus was on computers and programming. The websites were there from the beginning but became much more prominent by the end of the century.

We have served the central Virginia area, as well as the entire east coast, with computer needs for the past fourteen years. Both the computer support and website development components of our company were growing rapidly, so a decision had to be made to keep one and drop the other (We were getting really tired!). This was the only way we knew for our customers to continue receiving the high quality of work to which they had grown accustomed. This was much more important to us than growing larger.

It was around this time that we made the decision to move the company to Idaho to help with family matters. Since we chose to keep the website design and development part of the company, it made the move easier, as this could be done from anywhere with an internet connection.

We began 2012 in Moscow, Idaho, home of University of Idaho and Washington State University, just eight miles away. We started expanding our client base toward the west coast and we are still running strong in our old home Virginia, as well.