Design & Development

Blue Creek Technology provides its customers with two principal services—website design and website development.

 D esign
A great website design will catch your customer’s eye.  It gives the customer a “feel” for your business.  It’s important for your design to reflect your company, products, and/or services.  The aesthetic that your website conveys is the viewer’s first impression of your company and what it can offer.

You also want your website to be easy to navigate.  At Blue Creek Technology, we use our years of experience and cutting edge knowledge to make sure that your website doesn’t become a frustration for the end user.  We want customers to find your website, but equally as important, we want them to stay for awhile once they get there!  To this end, we create designs that reflect the personality of your company and that are pleasing to the eye of your audience.

 D evelopment
Once we have a stellar design in place, the next part of the process is the development of your website.  Websites are no longer static pages with text and a few pictures.  They are programs within themselves.  Blue Creek Technology can provide you with powerful options to use in customizing your company’s website.

All of our websites are developed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind.  We will tag the graphics, use search engine friendly names during the development of flash, html, asp, php, xhtml, etc.  Our goal is to make absolutely certain that you are properly placed on all major search engines.

Here is a list of services that Blue Creek Technology will provide for you:

Design and Develop Your Website

If your company is ready to expand its advertising presence by having a website to represent your company, Blue Creek Technology is the company you want. We provide professional, cutting edge web design and application development that is put together to fit your needs. We are not going to push out a solution that is not going to make your company pop on the internet.

We build fast, responsive, great looking websites. You have choices regarding both the design, as well as the management of your website. We work with you to make sure your project comes in on time and on budget!

Provide advice regarding your existing website.

We have clients that came to us to help them figure out why they spent so much money on something that just isn’t working for their company. Sometimes the solution you are given just does not fit your company or the way your company works.

We can go through what you have, what you need, and then give you the suggestions as to how to achieve your goal of making your website the number one website offering your product or service.

Handle ALL Website Updates

You have a great site! You are getting the hits on the site and the business is going great for you.  The only downside is that you’re so busy, you no longer have the time to keep up your site!  Blue Creek Technology will go over your current site and the needs you have for keeping it current.  We’ll create a custom solution to take the burden off you so you can do what you do best…run your business!

Search Engine Optimization

There is a LOT of information and misinformation out there regarding SEO services. The biggest problem with providing SEO is the wide range of services this can involve.

Trying to determine what you are actually getting from a company can be nearly impossible unless you do this for a living. It is hard to know if you are getting a company that will meet your objective until after the fact. No (reputable) SEO company will promise that you’ll come up #1 on the search engines, but that is their goal. A reputable SEO company will also be more than happy to educate you on not only what they will do, but also on how and why.

They will also make sure that your website content is relevant to your product or service. They will make sure that they do not use cheap, fast methods that will get you completely booted from the search engines. By the time you figure this out, they are long gone. SEO work is long, hard and time consuming, when done right. As labor intensive as this is, doing it right is what will keep you up there in the search engines’ rankings even when the search engines, themselves, are putting out updates to weed out the junk from the gold. Blue Creek Technology uses the most up to date methods that are solid and that work. We make sure your site is being marketed to draw in the people who will become your customers.

Content and Marketing Writing

With search engines depending more on the content of a website than the old metatags, and with the majority of companies making their way to the internet, competition to make an impression on your customers has become more important than ever. Our content and marketing writer is not only excellent at what she does, but she will also make sure your company is being professionally represented on the internet, bringing customers to you!

Graphic Design

Graphic design is what will bring your site to life! It is the clothes on the body of work that is representing your company.  Like clothes are to a person, your graphic design should be appropriate to your company.  Since the internet is not only informative, but also visual,  your website is going to represent your company from the second your new client lays eyes on it!

Logo Design

Brand recognition is what drives the momentum of a great company! Your logo is your brand. It represents your company and brings clients to your door, often because they simply remember it! Logos can look very simple, but there is a lot that goes behind their designs.

Your logo must represent your company’s service or product in a way that makes sense. It must evoke a response from the viewer. It must be able to convert from a simple black and white form to its most embellished form for all media, while always being recognizable.

Your logo is what will be on every part of your advertising, so you want a logo that will represent and bring your brand recognition to the forefront.

We can provide all of these services, or any combination of services that you choose.  When you tell us what you need, we’ll provide you with an estimate that will not change.  Unless you add or subtract services along the way, the price that we quote you will be the price that you pay…period.  You will never encounter hidden costs or nasty surprises.